Board games manufacturing services, optimized for Kickstarter.

Boda Games?

Board game projects on Kickstarter have different requirements than a traditional project. There is near unlimited potential, interaction and feedback from backers, last minute change and new ideas. It’s a hands-on project that requires a hands-on manufacturing partner.

For over 10 years, we have been producing the finest board and card games for publishers all over the world. Our factory is specialized in board games, and our staff understands the industry’s demands and requirements.

It may be your first Kickstarter, but we’ve been through it before. Many times. We offer a tailored solution that makes sure that of all the things that can go wrong, the manufacturing side of the campaign isn’t one of them. Leave the manufacturing to us while you focus on the campaign. Let’s get your project funded!

Prepare your Kickstarter campaign the right way.