Boda Games Board & Card Game Manufacturing

Boda Games is a highly experienced and longstanding manufacturer in the board and card game industry.

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Making games is a lot of fun, but it isn’t always easy. Boda Games is here to assist you in turning your game project into reality. Whether you need your artwork checked, 3D modeling advice, shipping and fulfillment services or you just want to talk about your project, we’re here for you.

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A picture is worth a thousand words, so what speaks better for our company’s quality than our wonderful clients? Come check out a selection of some of the board and card games that Boda Games has had the fortune to be the manufacturing partner on.

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Boda Games offers you all types of different components for your project, whether they are plastic, wooden, paper, metal or anything else. Have a look at some of the components we have done, and you might even get inspired for your next project!

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Manufactured according to your specifications

Boda Games is a highly experienced manufacturer in the board and card game industry, that prides itself on providing superior customer service, attention for detail and a commitment to quality. We strive to build longstanding relationships of mutual trust and understanding with our customers. And we aim to work together to deliver the best products to consumers around the world.


Boda Games provides you with manufacturing solutions for all the different parts and components your game may have. Wooden, plastic, paper and metal components: if you can think of it, we can manufacture it.


Here at Boda Game, we will be there to guide you through the entire manufacturing process. So that we can help you get your game ready for production and onto the market. We like think of ourselves as your manufacturing partner, ready to contribute, assist and help you with everything you need. 


So no matter whether you are still in the planning stage, or whether you just finished your Kickstarter campaign successfully and are looking for a manufacturing partner, Boda Games is the manufacturing partner for you. 


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