Punchboards & Game Boards

Your tokens come from punchboard land

Punch board, game board, play board.. What’s in a name? The backbone of any game, punch boards are amazing fun to work on. When you start setting up a game, you don’t even have to look at the rules. The first thing you do is lay down that big board in the middle. In a way, it is a sneak peek into what kind of gaming experience is about to unfold.

And there are actually a lot more different punch boards than you may think. What about a double punchboard with cut-outs, to keep all those resource tokens in place? Then else a 6 fold punch board, big enough to host your entire army of orcs? Or small player boards, one for each player, with essential information.

And we have not even started to talk about the finishes. The finish of the board really sets the tone for your game. Especially when you have a big board that sits dominantly in the middle of the table. So maybe a linen finish to really make your artwork pop? Or some spot-UV for that extra little bit of shine? We’re just scratching the surface of all the possibilities when it comes to punch boards, so let us know any and all of your ideas, and we will help you make it work.

Some of our punchboards