Artwork Guidelines PDF

Artwork guidelines: an essential part of the board game publishing process. One of the hardest things when taking a game from a concept to production. How to get all the files ready for printing? After many years of supporting our customers through the process of preparing their artwork. We decided it was time to bundle all our knowledge. And create an artwork guidelines bundle that could be a resource to all game developers and publishers.

As you go through this guide, you will learn how to expertly navigate common mistakes and save yourself a lot of time and needless effort in getting your game ready for printing. So we did our best to explain everything as clearly and easily as we could. After you are done reading you will be an expert on things such as bleed, margins, colour profiles and more. Curious what software is the best for what files? We’ve got you covered. Wondering what markings should be on the game box? We address that topic too. Thinking about making pin badges to compliment your newest board game? Have a quick look at our explanation.

What’s in the guidelines?

So what are some of the things you will find in our guidelines?

  • Cards: laying cards are of the most common components in a game and likely part of your design as well.
  • Boxes: the most important thing with a game box is to remember the main purpose of the box: to hold the items from your game.
  • Tuckboxes: if your game consists of only cards, or if you need a smaller box within the main game box to hold pieces or components, the best container may be a lighter, one-piece tuck box.
  • Punchboards: game boards and player boards are an essential part of many board games.
  • Dice: acrylic or resin dice, keep on rolling those dice to win the game!

We cover all these and more in this extensive guide. We recommend reading through the entire guide, either as a first time learning experience or a quick refresher course. But if you are just want to quickly check one thing, then the table of contents will guide you right to the topic you are interested in.

I want to learn more!

Want to learn more about the process behind it? Then we have a series of articles up on the website to delve into as well. If you head over to the Artwork Guidelines section of the Boda Games website. You can find longer, more in-depth articles about many of the components you that are included in this guide.