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They say a picture is worth more than a thousand words. So by that logic, how to rate a sample box? We’ve gone all out on creating our latest and greatest sample box. Because we prefer having stuff to hold in our hands. To inspect with our own two eyes. To feel yourself rather than looking at pictures online. And we know you do too. So what did we do different then?

For this sample box we decided to take it to the next level. So that everyone who has one in their hands will immediately understand it. The care and attention we put into making board and card games. The dedication we have to delivering fun games to be enjoyed with friends and family. But at the same time, pieces that hold up to the scrutiny of the most veteran board gamers out there. In other words, components we can be proud of to call our own.

You can play this game?


You heard that right! The new sample box is designed with two purposes in mind. One is to let everyone evaluate our board game manufacturing quality. Then the other purpose is to serve as a kick off point. A place for a board game designer to start his design journey from. In other words, we hope it will be an inspiration. To any game designers out there.

Thus it is designed as a blank slate. A starting point. In other words, a game without rules. We have all the components in there for anyone to come up with a set of rules. And be able to play them with any combination of components from our sample box. We’ve taken care of the artwork, the printing. In addition, to give you some inspiration we added one set of rules that we came up with. Now we’d like to see what rules you can come up with!

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