Wooden Components

When you think of board games, you probably think of the paper components such as boards and cards. But before that, people were already playing games just by using wooden components such as chess, go, backgammon and checkers! In fact, chances are that some of your very first experiences with board games involved these classic games. Who doesn’t remember the hefty feeling of a wooden chess piece, or the thump of slamming down a checkers piece.

But, those were the old days. Now, we can do so much more with these wooden pieces. Thanks to technological advances, a lot more is possible at very affordable price points. Super precise laser cutting? No problem. Heat transfer print images directly on wood? Consider it done. And guess what component, in our opinion, benefitted from these developments the most?

Of course, none other than the meeple. The originality and pure genius we see in meeple designs that pass our hands every day is a real joy. Despite being such an abstract piece, it conveys such strong recognition by tweaking minuscule details.

And of course there is a lot more. Wooden components can range from abstract small cubes and discs that require a bit of imagination to picture what they stand for, to painted, printed or laser etched ones that can have an amazing level of detail. And with the high quality wood that Boda uses, you can be sure they will feel nice to handle and play with too. Because at the end of the day, the most important thing is exactly that. Having great wooden pieces to play even greater games!

Some of our wooden components