Game Boxes

A game box is more than just the packaging of your board or card game. In many ways, it is the very first introduction board gamers will have with your game. When they are browsing in their local board game store, the box for your game is what draws their attention. It is what needs to set you apart from the other games. So that they pick up your game from the shelf!

Needless to say, a good game deserves a great box. And if it’s a great box you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place. Boda Games can help you find the perfect box to match your game. And help you create that perfect first impression. Not all boxes are created equally, and we firmly believe that for each game, there is the perfect type of box out there.

Boda Games offers all types of game boxes. You can pick from telescoping 2 piece boxes, tuck boxes, magnetic boxes, deck boxes or any other type of box. The boxes can be made from greyboard, tin, wood or anything else you can come up with. Then we can add the finishing touch to them with beautiful effects.

Whether you go with a nice two piece telescoping box that gives a feeling of anticipation as you slowly lift the top part. Or a beautiful magnetic book style box with the satisfying magnetic locking system, the box plays a huge role in how a game feels.

Nothing makes a game stand out like a linen texture finish. And you can really make your artwork pop with spot UV. And the luxurious feeling of an embossed or debossed box. Or maybe you were thinking about adding a golden or silver foil effect to it. Whatever you are looking for, we are here to make it happen.

Boda Games Template Generator

And finally, make sure to use our super convenient template generator to generate your very own, custom sized punch board templates.

Boda Games Template Generator