Plastic Components

Plastic components are a fantastic addition to any board game. Sometimes you have an idea for your next board game project. A type of component that you really want to incorporate with the game, that fits the theme and the design perfectly. But you’re not able to get it to look the way you want it to with paper or wooden components. Then, what other options are out there for you to still create the gaming experience that you want?

That’s exactly where plastic components come in. The great thing about plastic components is how incredibly versatile they are. Shapes that are too complex for wood. Or too intricate in terms of details on them. But that won’t be done justice when they are printed on a card or a punchboard token. For those types of components, plastic can be a solution.

With a plastic component, there is a ton of freedom when it comes to designs. When you start working with custom plastic components. Nearly any shape or form that you can think of can be realized. The pieces can either be molded or sculpted into your desired shape. And given any color you want. It is this design freedom that makes plastic components an incredibly versatile option for any type of board game.

But besides your own custom, original designs and ideas. Boda Games also has an immense library of standard plastic components that you can utilize in your game. You want gems to keep track of the score? We have hundreds and hundreds of them for you to choose from. Wooden barrel shaped pieces for your pirate game? We’ve got them.

Boda Games can help you find the perfect plastic components for your game. And with our plastic components, we can take your two dimensional board game into the third dimension!

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