Cards are an essential part of nearly every board game out there. Trap cards, point cards, character cards, item cards: the possibilities are literally infinite. Nothing quite beats the feeling of having your hand full of cards and slamming that one card down on the table when it’s your turn. And proceeding to win the round. Plus, when you see a deck of cards laying around, who can resist giving them a quick shuffle?

We at Boda Games love cards. But more importantly, we believe that a card with beautiful artwork should be made of great looking cardstock. And feel great when you’re holding them in your hand or placing them on the table.

Different cardstock options

That’s why we have a selection of the finest types of cardstock for you to choose from. We take pride in our types of cardstock, and we are confident we can help you find the right type that fits your board or card game project. Our most popular cardstocks are the 300gsm black core, the 300gsm ivory core and the ultra heavy duty 350gsm heavy ivory core.

Plenty of special finishes

But there’s more! You can apply special finishes to the cards to give them that magical finishing touch. A linen card finish will instantly remind you of the classic Euro games. But have you ever considered adding something a bit flashier like a foil effect to a card, much like one from a trading card game. Of course there is also the option to get embossed cards as well as a number of other finishes we can apply to them.

Boda Games also treats all cards with a special playing treatment to ensure they last even longer. So you can feel confident that the cards will remain in great condition. Even if they are played over and over again. Shuffle away!

Boda Games Template Generator

And finally, make sure to use our super convenient template generator to generate your very own, custom sized card templates.

Boda Games Template Generator