Roll ‘em up! Nothing can be as nerve wrecking and exciting as rolling a pair of dice, knowing you need to hit that one outcome to take the round and win the game. Dice add an element of randomness and unexpected turns to a game that few other components can come close to achieving.

Dice in board games, or even leaving out the board part and just calling them dice games, are without a doubt a staple of the industry. These little sided cubes (or more sides!) are a great addition to any game. Dice just possess a natural attractiveness to both veteran players and people that are just starting to get into board games alike. Because let’s be honest, while someone is setting up the game, you can’t help but give those idle dice a spin.

Many famous gameplay mechanisms revolve around dice and the randomisation they can bring to a game. But leave it to the creative minds of the board game industry to come up with a whole lot more ways to utilize dice in their board games. Whether they are building blocks, counting points or used to count turns, the ways you can use dice are nearly infinite.

Depending on your needs, dice can be made from resin or acrylic. But wood or metal is also possible. And we love a challenge, so ask us how we can make your wildest ideas possible! And we will try our best to make it happen for you. One thing is for sure, there are tons of possibilities when it comes to dice!

And that’s before we get to the different things you can do with the design of a dice. You can put gaming symbols on them. Or print graphics that directly depict what you’re rolling for. And you can customise the colours to fit the artwork of the game perfectly. So you can create the perfect addition to your game.