Boda Games launches a Youtube Channel

Boda Games launches a Youtube Channel

Boda Games launched a Youtube channel! One of the main goals we set out to achieve at Boda Games was to be more than a board game manufacturer. Of course manufacturing your favourite card and board games is what we are known for. But we feel very passionate about the board game industry. And we want to do our best to help new and existing game developers and publishers create the best games. The latest step we have taken is to launch our very own Youtube channel.



Resources for game developers

We first started with our Board Game Resouces page as a source of information for aspiring board game developers and publishers. As we built up content, we started to look for other ways we could help provide more information. From our many discussions with developers and publishers we have learned that many things that are normal to a board game manufacturer. Can be difficult to understand for game developers and publishers. After bundling all the essential information for preparing your artwork files for printing in our Artwork Guidelines PDF. We went a step further and made a template generator. No longer will you have to email us asking for a template. Now you can make your own, sized exactly to your specifications!

Boda Games Youtube Channel

And now we are taking it one step further and moving into the video domain. The great thing about videos is that it is very easy and intuitive to explain things. Because we can show it, step for step! For the first videos, we felt it was logical that the first videos are tutorials. Specifically, tutorials on how to use our template generator to prepare your files for printing. The first two videos we published are for the card templates and the game board templates. But we have a lot of plans for a wide variety of other tutorials! If you are interested in board game design, board game development and how to prepare games for printing, then you have come to the right place. Besides tutorials we will create a lot more video content, so make sure to let us know what kind of things you’d love to see from Boda Games. And don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel!


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