Boda Games @ Essen Spiel, H1B143!

Boda Games @ Essen Spiel, H1B143!

Essen Spiel: how many years have you all been going? For us here at Boda Games Manufacturing, we can’t even imagine how many years we have been attending Essen Spiel. In our opinion, the best board game and card game convention in Europe. And don’t just trust us, the 200.000 visitors and more that Essen Spiel attracts every year seem to agree with us! We love attending Essen Spiel to meet all our fellow board game and card game loving industry friends and fans, so we are super excited that after skipping last year, Essen Spiel is back again this year! And Boda Games will be having a booth all of our own to welcome all of you guys to come and hang out with us! Talk board games! And more importantly, discuss your next board game project and how we can help you manufacture it.


What can you expect at our booth?


What can you expect at the Boda Games booth this year? First of all, all your favourite Boda Games staff members! But in addition to this, we are bringing our newest sample boxes (it doubles as an actual game!). Our latest brochures, packed with more games and information than ever! Samples of some of your and our favourite games that we have been fortunate enough to be the manufacturing partner for. And lots more that you’re gonna want to see, feel and touch for yourself in terms of production samples, new manufacturing techniques and more.

What are the things we can help you with?

Are you looking for a board game manufacturer to help you bring your latest board game project to life? Are you in the process of creating a board game. And you’d like to have input from a manufacturing point of view. To help you narrow down the different components? Are you planning a Kickstarter campaign in the near future. And you need a manufacturing company that can help you make sense of the various stretch goals and unlockable items that you have in mind? For these and many other things. Coming to the Boda Games booth was the right call. We are super excited to sit down with you and discuss any of your board and card game related topics.

How to make sure we have enough time to really talk to you and help you?

We are always happy to have visitors at our booth, regardless of the day and time that they come. But as everyone who has been to Essen Spiel knows, things can get hectic. In order to make sure that we have enough time to sit down with everyone properly, we always prefer to make appointments ahead of time. So that when we sit down to discuss your passion board game project, we know for sure that we have the time to cover everything with you. And help you realize the best version of your next project. So if you are interested in talking to us, we would really appreciate it if you could make sure we all have the time we want and need. By contacting us and setting up a meeting in advance.

See you there!


Are you going to Essen Spiel 2021? Do you have a board or card game project that you have questions about? Or are you just looking for the right manufacturer for your next game? Let’s meet at Essen Spiel 2021! Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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