Promotional Standees

Promotional Standees

Standees can be a very effective way to promote your new board or card game. Often times when you are working on a new board game, all your attention goes to that. Making the game the best game it can be. Having great looking components together with stunning artwork.

But once the game is finished being printed and on its way to you. It is time to start thinking about the next step of publishing a game. How am I going to sell it? And where am I going to sell it? One of the most important parts of the board game industry is conventions. There are great conventions being held all over the world all year long. In Europe we’ve got the Essen Spiel, the Nuremberg Spielwarenmesse, the UK Games Expo. In the United States there’s Gencon, PAX Unplugged, Origins and more. These events draw tens of thousands of fellow board game lovers to them. All of them eager to find new games to buy and play.

As a result, a lot of publishers set up booths at these conventions to promote their newest games. But how to make your booth visually appealing and attract the attention of the convention guests? For some publishers, this can prove to be a challenge and something they don’t think of, until the convention is very near.

This time we want to introduce one of our favourite ways to decorate a booth in a way that is eye catching without taking up too much space: standees.

Standees are, in essence, nothing more than a flat cardboard surface that has a piece of paper attached to the back to allow it to stand on its own. What makes standees so versatile is that you can make them in nearly all shapes and sizes. The paper on the front lets you use bright and eye-catching colours. And because they can stand on their own, they are extremely simple to set up and move around as necessary.

During the Essen Spiel convention last month, we brought some of our own worker meeples and other characters to help give our stand that finishing touch. People loved it, and we got many questions about whether we are able to manufacture it for other publishers as well. The answer is that of course we can manufacture it!

For our standees, we used a simple standing mechanism that can be folded in during transportation to save space. We applied a glossy finish to the printing to help make the image stand out more. As well as a thick white outline to emphasize the artwork in the center.

So if you are getting ready to make your new board game or card game project. Don’t hesitate to ask us to help you produce some of the promotional items for afterwards as well. Besides standees there are a lot of other things we can produce, so just ask your account manager!

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