Boda Games RFQ Template

In our latest brochure you will find countless examples of our products. Examples of the different areas of expertise we hold. The different types of board and care game components we can manufacture. Every game is different, and requires a different combination of components. Whether they are made from paper, wood, plastic or metal. Whether you need custom miniatures, or painted meeples, look no further. Boda Games offers a complete set of manufacturing solutions. Thus, we eliminate the need to deal with various manufacturers. In other words, a one-stop solution.

Each of the main components groups have pages dedicated to them. To show the diversity of products. And to provide high quality, close up shots of the products we have worked on.

Besides just card and board games, the brochure also introduces other services Boda Games can offer. You’re on our site so you should already know. But have you had a look at our artwork guidelines? We explain every single step to get your files ready for production. How much bleed do you need? What file format? Everything is covered. And what about our component selection consultation services? Or maybe you’re looking to do a Kickstarter, and would like to know how we can help you? Perhaps you are losing sleep over the sheer logistics of shipping. Shipping, fulfillment, different continents.. It sure isn’t easy! But Boda Games has staff that specializes in those things. And they can be your answer to solving these issues as well. And hey, we would also love for you to visit our factory!


So if you want to know what Boda Games Manufacturing is all about? If you want to know about our board and card game manufacturing solutions? Then please, browse through our brochure.