Welcome to the new Boda Games Website!

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Welcome to the new Boda Games Website!

Welcome to the new Boda Games Website! From all of us at Boda Games we are very pleased to welcome you to our -long due- completely renewed and revamped website. We hope that this website is the first step for those of you not yet familiar with us and our work to become acquainted with us. At the same time becoming a source of information and inspiration for those who have been with us longer.

Now, you can find information on previous projects Boda Games worked on, an overview of the conventions we attend, examples of different components that you can use in your next game. An overview of the different services we provide besides manufacturing and much more, all organised neatly in the menu above. Still can’t find specific information you’re looking for? Get in touch with us in a second by filling out the contact form. It is conveniently located at the bottom of each page. Or send us an email directly. Also be sure to follow us on Facebook.

But more importantly, be sure to check back regularly. We will continue to add more and more content here to help and support you. Let’s make games!

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