Tariffs for board games in the USA

Tariffs for board games in the USA

Tariffs are the talk of town in the board game industry as of lately. At Boda Games we have been working with publishers from all over the world for many years. We ship games worldwide and are proud of the role we play in the board game publication process. We provide publishers with high quality products at competitive prices. Doing so we have built long lasting partnerships with leading names in the industry. And we will continue to do so, with more publishers asking for our manufacturing services every day. 



For a publisher there are many factors involved when they select a manufacturing company to produce their game for them. Together with them we strive to create the highest possible quality games for the publishers their customers, the gamers. We are very happy that we are able to deliver high quality products that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. In turn they are then able to do the same to their customers, the gamers. But of course there are also other factors that play a large role when choosing where to manufacture, and one of them is the cost of manufacturing. 

Unfortunately the current political climate will no longer allow that. The effects of the growing tensions between China and the United States have started to affect the board game industry. President Trump has announced that he will levy 10% tariffs on all toys and games that are imported from China, a category that board and card games also belong to. This means that for our American customers, their cost of manufacturing will see an increase from before. The currently pending tariffs would mean a 10% tariff on the cost of manufacturing.  In practice this means that a $5 game will face a $0.50 tariff when it arrives in the USA.


We wholeheartedly understand the pressure this puts on all publishers who import games to the United States. The USA is still the largest market for board games in the entire world. In times like these, finding a manufacturing partner who can give you the sharpest prices while maintaining a high level of quality becomes more important than ever. 

At Boda Games, we believe that with our sharp and competitive pricing, coupled with our high quality of production, we can help relieve the manufacturing cost pressure of our customers. Boda Games will work with you to find the price point that you need. So that you are able to make your game the way you intended it. At our factory we have total control over the production process and access to the best material suppliers at cheap prices. Through this we are able to leverage our cost savings to our customers. Through this and more, Boda Games is a great choice as your manufacturing partner. 


Let’s not worry about tariffs, let’s make games!  


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