Get your game box up to sniff

Get your game box up to sniff

A game box is the business card of your game. It is the first thing you see. You pick it up, you turn it around. You study it from all sides, wondering what will be inside that plastic shrinkwrap. The most important thing with a game box is to remember the main purpose of the box: to hold the items from your game.  People get so swept up  in trying to decide what type of box they want. That they forget that first and foremost, all the components should fit.

game box margin die lines

This actually sounds easier than it is in reality. Particularly when you have sized and larger components. You need to account for the total volume they take up. As a general rule of thumb, your box should be at least 15mm bigger than the largest component in the game. 15 mm bigger in every single possible direction.

game box
But also keep in mind how the items will fit into the box. And how to do that in such a way that they are easy to take out of the box. At Boda Games we have a lot of experience with this after doing it countless times. So normally our customers let us figure this out completely. Or we work together with them to find the optimal solution. Boda will send you the required templates once we know the required sizes. This way you can adjust the artwork to perfectly fit with the box size wise.


For game boxes, the printed sheets also wrap around the sides of the box. Similar to game boards, this hides the raw cardboard material. Therefore, they need to have 18mm of bleed on every size. 15 millimeters of bleed is reserved for the wrap around part. Then the remaining 3mm is the standaard bleed. Dieline files will be separated from the artwork. Because the department that makes the dieline mold is separated from the printing department. For the dieline files, this can either be in individual dielines PDF files. Or as a spot layer file.

For tuckboxes, please contact your account manager for our tuckbox template. Although there are templates for tuckboxes that can be found online. We have a special one with extra features added for easier opening, closing and prevention of wear and tear. Tuck box files must have 3mm of bleed and 3mm of margin.



Final checklist:

  • 18mm bleed
  • 15mm bigger than biggest component
  • CMYK color mode
  • images at 300+ppi
  • black text: pure black
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