Boda Games at Pax Unplugged 2019

Pax Unplugged 2019

Boda Games at Pax Unplugged 2019

Make sure not to spill your cheesesteaks on the games, but it’s time for PAX Unplugged! This young convention made a splash on the scene three years ago and has already grown a staple of the industry. Taking place at the Pennsylvania  Convention Center smack down in the center of Philadelphia, PA, it’s looking to be an exciting 3 days taking place from December 6th until December 8th. Of course, Boda Games will be there as well meeting old friends and making new ones! And hopefully getting a game or two in while we’re at it. 

So let’s discuss board game manufacturing, and how Boda Games can provide the solutions you need from a board game manufacturer. Let us introduce our sample box and service line up. 

To make sure that we can make as much time for you as needed, get in touch with us ahead of the show to set up a meeting. You can do that by sending us an email, or clicking right here.



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