Dice Debunked: Acrylic or Resin?

Dice Debunked: Acrylic or Resin?

Acrylic or Resin? The age old question. Dice are one of those things that seem simpler than they are. At Boda Games we get a lot of questions from our customers about the different types of dice we offer. A very frequently heard one is as follows: “what is actually the difference between an acrylic die and a resin die?” Some of you industry veterans might not know it either, but feel embarrassed to ask. So today we will break it down in a way that everyone can understand. So read on and get ready to show off your new dice knowledge at your next gaming night!

For starters, before we focus on what is the difference between a resin and acrylic die. Let’s have a look at what they have in common. When we talk about acrylic and resin dice, we are talking about molded dice. The base material of the dice is poured into the mold. For a resin die, the material inside the mold undergoes a chemical reaction in the mold that turns it from liquid to solid. For acrylic, after the material is poured into the mold it needs to cool down to solidify and consequently be removed from the old.

As you may guess from the difference in process (chemical versus cooling) resin is more expensive to produce. There is a catch, however. Acrylic molds wear out faster than resin molds. As such, for larger quantities when scales of economy kick in, the difference in price becomes much smaller. As such, resin dice become a much more viable option.

So what other differences are there between resin and acrylic dice? A lot of people find that resin dice their material look more clear and transparent and thus looks better. This however only holds true for (semi) transparent dice. For non transparent dice, especially darker coloured ones, the differences are negligible. Resin is also a harder material. This allows the mold to be slightly more detailed and sharper lines in the die face design. In the end, both resin and acrylic dice can look amazing with the right design. Quantity, style and cost. Take all these into consideration when deciding on dice material.

Boda Games has been producing dice for as long as we can remember. We have made stunning resin and acrylic dice in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Unsure about the type of dice that are best suited for your project? Get in touch with us. We can advise you based on our past experiences. And show you examples of dice that are in line with your design. To help you get the best results for your games.

Want to know more about dice? Check out our artwork guidelines here.

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