Board Game Prototypes

Board Game Prototypes

Board game prototypes for marketing and promotion can be a powerful tool for generating buzz. And building interest in your board game. By creating demo versions of your game, you can give potential customers a taste of what your game has to offer. And create excitement around your product. It also allows you to draw attention with the artwork of the game and generate interest.    

How to best use board game prototype

There are a few key strategies for using prototypes in marketing and promotion:

Create demo versions of your game: A demo version of your game is a simplified, shortened version that can be played in a shorter amount of time. This allows potential customers to try out your game and get a feel for how it plays without committing to a full game. You can use these demos at events and conventions to introduce your game to a wider audience.

Use prototypes in your marketing materials: A prototype can be a powerful visual aid in your marketing materials. By showing potential customers what your game will look like and how it will play. You can generate excitement and anticipation for the final product.

You can use prototypes to gather feedback. Then, you can gather feedback from potential customers. By creating prototypes and asking people to playtest them. Then you can get valuable insights into how your game plays and what changes you might need to make before releasing the final product.

When using prototypes for marketing and promotion, it’s important to keep in mind that they should be well-designed and high-quality. A poorly-made prototype can actually have the opposite effect and turn potential customers away from your game. Make sure that your prototypes are easy to understand and play. And that they showcase the best aspects of your game. With the right approach, prototypes can be a powerful tool for building buzz and generating interest in your board game.

Boda Games & board game prototypes


Boda Games Manufacturing supports publishers in helping them create prototypes. Whether you need a prototype of your game to show it at a convention. Or to show in sales meetings or for promotional footage for your Kickstarter campaign. Boda Games can quickly help you make high quality prototypes that look and feel like mass production copies. Get in touch with us or ask your account manager about the different possibilities. 

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