Packaging board games

Packaging board games

When it comes to packaging board games, there are two common methods: shrink-wrapping and using stickers to close the box. While both methods achieve the same goal of securing the contents inside the box, they differ in several ways, and each method has its own unique benefits.

Shrink-wrap packaging

Shrink-wrapping involves using a plastic film that is wrapped tightly around the entire box and then heated to create a seal. The primary advantage of shrink-wrapping is that it creates a tamper-proof seal that cannot be easily removed or resealed without leaving obvious signs of tampering. This makes it an excellent option for games that are being sold in retail stores or shipped long distances, as it provides an extra layer of protection against damage and theft.

Sealing stickers packaging


In contrast, using stickers to close the box is a method using less plastic. This involves placing a strip of adhesive tape or a sticker over the opening of the box. Between the top and bottom part, to keep it closed. Normally, we place 2 stickers on each side of the box to make sure it is sealed well, but for bigger games this can even be increased to 4 stickers. With one on each side. The adhesive tape can be plastic film, or made from paper. While it may not provide the same level of security as shrink-wrapping, it is still an effective way to keep the contents of the box from falling out or becoming damaged during transport.

Benefits of stickers

One benefit of using stickers over shrink-wrap is that they offer more design flexibility. On stickers you can custom print logos, artwork, or other branding elements. Thus making them an excellent option for promotional or branding purposes. Shrink-wrapping, on the other hand, offers less flexibility in terms of design options.

A further benefit of using stickers to close a board game box is that they are generally considered more environmentally friendly than shrink-wrapping. Stickers use less plastic than shrink wrap. They can also be made from biodegradable or recyclable materials, reducing their impact on the environment. Additionally, stickers are easier to remove from the box than shrink-wrap. Which can be difficult to recycle or dispose of properly. For board game publishers looking to reduce their environmental impact. Using stickers instead of shrink wrap is a simple and effective way to make a positive difference.

In summary, both shrink-wrapping and using stickers to close a board game box have their unique benefits for packaging. Shrink-wrapping provides a more tamper-proof seal for retail and shipping purposes. While stickers offer easier access to the game components and more design flexibility. Ultimately, the choice between the two methods. Will depend on the specific needs of the game manufacturer and their target audience. Boda Games is able to offer all these different packaging options. To help make the game exactly as you want it.

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