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Boda Games looks back on 2019 – part 2

Last week we looked at Boda Games on 2019 – Part 1 for Boda Games in the year 2019. We talked about the artwork guidelines project, the new website and more. But we left out one crucial part – the games! As anyone who works in the industry can confirm, the games are what makes all of our jobs fun. For us at Boda Games we manufacture all types of games. The variety in games that passes through our hands in a year is huge. And every now and then when we get a chance, we sit down and play them! So let us introduce some of our favourite games  from 2019.


Reavers of Midgard


Reavers of Midgard


BGG says: Reavers of Midgard is a single worker placement game with elements of set collection, dice combat and engine building set in the Champions of Midgard universe.

In Reavers of Midgard, you’ll be looking to gain glory by raiding nearby villages for their riches, sacking well-fortified castles and battling both man and monster on the open seas. You’ll not only need to take your rowdy crew of vikings and the food needed to keep them happy along for the ride but you’ll also have to recruit a crew of elite warriors – the Reavers.

For more information be sure to check out Grey Fox Games their website



Barrage by Cranio Creations.

BGG says: Barrage is a resource management strategic game in which players compete to build their majestic dams, raise them to increase their storing capacity, and deliver all the potential power through pressure tunnels connected to the energy turbines of their powerhouses.

Each player represents one of the four international companies who are gathering machinery, innovative patents and brilliant engineers to claim the best locations to collect and exploit the water of a contested Alpine region crossed by rivers.

For more information on Barrage, pop over to Cranio Creations their website


Machi Koro Legacy

Machi Koro Legacy

BGG says: Machi Koro Legacy features the same gameplay as Machi Koro. You are still rolling dice, you are still collecting income, and you are still racing to build landmarks — but then you unlock the [censored] and you start earning a little extra income by [censored], and then you start to explore the [censored] and you have to make a choice between [censored] and [censored]. Even if you aren’t in contention to win a given game, you still have [censored] to set up exciting [censored] for the next one. And then the [paragraph deleted]…

Machi Koro Legacy features a ten-game series that tells a complete story set in the world of Machi Koro in which player choices create a unique gameplay experience.

For more information, visit Pandasaurus Games their website






BGG says: Wormlord is a game that is played simultaneously, without a turn, and consists of conquering spaces by placing knots. It’s possible to repel opponents by undoing their ropes and returning them to them. The victory condition varies from one tray set-up to another, but usually it’s about conquering a number of objective spaces.

For more information, head on over to Sit Down! Games their website.


Sherlock Express

Sherlock Express

BGG says: Sherlock Express: help Sherlock unmask culprits and cunningly use clues to find the accomplice of Moriarty, his sworn enemy! If no one is guilty, capture Moriarty himself. Everyone is a suspect … Until proven innocent!

For more information, have a look at Blue Orange Games their website